The good thing about a new fitness routine…

Is already having the stuff.

After years of getting more and more lethargic, and motivated by the early spring we had, I decided, suddenly, I wanted to be strong. Also, my obsessive hobby was gardening, which requires a lot of pulling and bending and the use of a shovel, and I thought how cool would be it for the neighbours to notice that its me digging the hole, not me sitting on a lounge chair sipping a lemonade and barking orders at my husband? Ok that sounds pretty good too.

Ok, several people have influenced this. First, my long-time instagram buddy, Lindsay Mills, who does aerial silks. Another instagram I follow that’s been extremely motivating is Gabriella who is a power lifter. And Lorelai Gilmore, who’s not real but still eats a lot and has a nice body.

I can’t do aerial silks or lifting and nor do i want to try until i have some semblance of muscle and don’t look pregnant. So somehow, i came across the bodyweightfitness reddit and read and read and read and it sounded pretty good to me. Surely, when i can do a handstand on rings, everyone will admire me.

Lucky for me, it starts off very very easily. It’s doable. It’s time effective. And i actually enjoy it. I didn’t need to buy anything this time, all i have is my yoga mat, a resistance band and a pull up bar (all garnered from three different past hobbies).

My routine so far is a beginners routine, all from the recommended routine on the bodyweightfitness reddit.

Beginner Routine

Warmup – Stretches
10 shoulder rolls
10 scapular shrugs
10 cat-camels
10 band: straight arm overhead pull downs
10 band: straight arm chest flies
10 band: dislocates
5xeach wrist mobility exercises
10 front and side leg swings

Warmup – Bodyline Drills
30 sec Plank
30 sec Side Plank
60 sec Reverse Plank
60 sec Hollow Hold
60 sec Arch Hold

Skill Work
30 sec parallel support
(note there is more to come, but until my plank is solid I am not moving on to handstands yet)

Strength Work
3×10 seconds foot-supported L sit
3×8 Squats
3×8 vertical rows
3×8 wall pushups

As i progress through the plank and pushups, there are far more exercises to come.

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