Burnout is Real

This blog is going to deal a lot with the theme of yo-yoing, but that term itself isn’t even encompassing all that i mean.  What i mean is getting super into something, going crazy about it, and then falling off the wagon completely and forgetting about it.

I am the worst at it and part of the reason I am blogging about it is to try to uncover WHY I do it.  (Spoiler alert: haven’t gotten there yet).

So this morning, after 3 weeks of doing body weight fitness AND jogging AND keto, AND feeling great and not burdened by any of it, i thought “Ehhhh i don’t feel like jogging today”.  And there it begins.  Up till now I didn’t feel like i was overdoing anything or suffering.  In fact, I’ve been viewing it more and more as that it is giving myself a gift.  I feel better, i have so much more energy than ever before, and yet? The idea of a 5 km jog all of a sudden feels like it is too much.  And once the jogging stops, the boredom starts and “just a nibble because i’ve been so good these last three weeks….”  There we go again.

I decided to surf the information superhighway and found an article by one of my new favourite bloggers, and man, it was like it was sent straight from heaven to answer my mood and get me motivated again:


The title isn’t exactly the same topic as what I’m talking about, but keep reading.  AND THEN GET OUT THERE AND MOVE!  Don’t give up!  One of my favourite take-a-aways is this:  It is easier to create a deficit in calories than it is to burn off bad foods by overworking your body.   a 500 kcal deficit means 1 lb of weight loss per week.  This deficit can be easily divided into 250 kcal of exercise per day plus a 250 kcal diet deficit.  That is TOTALLY do able.  There’s no need to over think it.

So i think I’m getting closer to my answer.  Part of the reason why i was burning out was totally overdoing exercises that were exhausting, not enjoyable, and all wrong.  P90x.  Hiit.   Those 30 days sit up challenges, which actually, don’t do much at all.












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